Ambassador co-chairs Marifrances Trivelli, Los Angeles Maritime Museum, and Claudine Garcia, The Promotions Department recently welcomed five new ambassadors to serve one-year terms.

Ambassadors play a key role in the chamber. They welcome new members by extending the hand of friendship, sharing information, and representing the chamber at a multitude of social and civic functions throughout the year. Ambassadors are members in good standing and active participants who are willing to volunteer to attend ribbon cuttings and provide guidance to new members.

New ambassador Gina Lee of American Illumination Inc. states, “Being part of the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce is not just about networking within the community, but it’s also an excellent resource for all things business-related, including local and federal policies that impact businesses. Their newsletters and leadership were crucial in keeping us informed throughout the pandemic.” 

Gesuina Lafayette, Community Relations Advisor, Torrance Refining Company agrees, “Under the effective leadership of Donna Duperron, and the partnership she has built with other organizations such as BizFed, the chamber can engage different people across sectors in a relentless effort to help businesses address issues that may arise. The chamber is an incredible resource for any business leader who may be navigating the myriad of laws and regulations and their respective impacts on their business.”

Roshni D. Lal, Director of Career Planning & Employer Relations, Marymount California University states, “The Chamber offers so many professional development and networking opportunities for its members by way of its various committees and monthly programs. I think it’s wonderful to have access to programs designed from a diverse and inclusive perspective, such as Women in Business and South Bay HYPE (Helping Young Professionals Excel). Through these programs, members have the benefit of not only connecting with like-minded people seeking to achieve the same goals but also have the opportunity to be a facilitator/presenter and share out.”

 Sadie Durning Office Manager, Callas Rennsport says, “It’s always been about the community – Through the Chamber, I connect with potential customers and useful contacts, but really, I’m connecting to people and together we’re creating a community. Business and work are just better when you have a community! Being an ambassador helps with getting to know Torrance, meeting people who are doing good, charitable work. I can share it with my team, and it gives us an opportunity to contribute to efforts to help people. It’s an opportunity for learning about businesses.

The chamber’s ambassador program is critical to the continual growth of the chamber. Being an ambassador offers great visibility and builds credibility for business. It also builds lasting friendships and comradery between members.

Connor Hartwell, Hartwell Financial Services comments, “I am looking forward to in-person events happening again.  Because with our chamber, it’s less of just networking but more like getting together with old friends.”

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