Barbara Graham
Manager, Community Relations Department
Torrance Refining Company LLC; PBF Energy

By: Barbara Graham

To receive the George H. Whittlesey Memorial Award is a deeply humbling honor. I hold immense regard for the distinguished leaders who have been recipients before me. Their exemplary leadership and remarkable accomplishments in bolstering our local businesses have served as an inspiring model for my own career path.

My initial encounter with the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce holds a special place in my memory. On my second day at the Torrance Refinery, I was tasked with representing our company at a Chamber meeting. This singular interaction reshaped my perspective on the profound impact a well-organized Chamber offers its members and our city at large. Participating in the Chamber’s Government Affairs Policy program, aimed at influencing policies vital to business growth and sustainability, has proven to be profoundly gratifying.

I consider myself privileged to be employed in Torrance, a locale known for its favorable business environment, working for a company that recognizes the importance of earning its right to operate within its host community, and offering its employees’ community engagement opportunities. Collaborating with the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce in supporting meaningful civic endeavors and advocacy initiatives aimed at championing businesses has not only been fulfilling from a professional standpoint but also deeply rewarding on a personal level.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Donna Duperron and the Chamber team for this honor. Additionally, I express my appreciation to PBF Energy and Torrance Refining Company LLC for affording me the invaluable opportunity to serve as a representative of our organization within the Torrance community.

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