From left to right, Sara Gore, Claudia Leon, Ana Flores and Kristine Flores.

By: Ryan Guitare

This May, in celebration of Small Business Month, the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to spotlight Andes Florist, owned by Claudia Leon. Known for its beautiful floral arrangements and commitment to the community, Andes Florist exemplifies the spirit of small business. Join us as we explore the recent successes, unique offerings, and challenges faced by this local business.

What’s a big achievement your business has had recently? What lessons did you learn?

Recently, we achieved a significant milestone by showcasing our floral shop, Andes Florist, on live television. During the segment, we highlighted the latest floral trends and inspired viewers across the nation to support small, local businesses. This experience taught us the power of media exposure and the importance of connecting with our community to foster local support.

What unique products or services does your business offer that make Torrance a better place?

At Andes Florist, every floral arrangement is crafted with farm-to-table flowers, sourced from caring growers with careful consideration of seasonality. Our unique designs are created fresh daily, and each arrangement includes a small gem as a token of appreciation for supporting small businesses. We hand-deliver these fresh arrangements Monday through Saturday across the South Bay and Greater Los Angeles areas. From the moment you call or visit us, you’re greeted with a smile, enthusiasm, and the utmost care, enhancing the warmth and charm of Torrance.

What are the main challenges and opportunities for your business in Torrance, and how are you handling them?

As our business continues to grow, one of our main challenges has been keeping up with increasing demand. To address this, we are actively hiring additional staff—for example, right now we’re looking for additional support for our front desk and customer service team. We’re leveraging various resources, including this wonderful publication, to spread the word and attract talented individuals to join our team. This approach helps us manage our growth effectively while continuing to provide excellent service to our customers.

Andes Florist continues to enrich the Torrance area community with its innovative and unique floral arrangements, it stands out not just as a business but as a cornerstone of local beauty and community connection. By fostering both individual creativity and community spirit, Claudia Leon and her team exemplify the resilience and creativity that define our local businesses. The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to support such an inspiring business during Small Business Month and beyond. Find out more about Andes Florist at

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