By: Donna Duperron

The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce has joined several coalitions and provided much testimony in support of AB 2288 and SB 92, two bills that will be heard on the Senate and Assembly floors before going to the Governor’s desk for signature today. The chamber contacted the offices of Senators Allen and Bradford and Assemblymember Muratsuchi on Monday to voice strong support of these two bills.

Together, AB 2288 and SB 92, bring long overdue reform to the Private Attorney General Act (PAGA). This law, which was intended to bolster labor law enforcement, has unfortunately been manipulated over its 20-year history by certain trial attorneys as a money-making scheme.

AB 2288 and SB 92 will ensure that workers are having claims resolved more quickly and that businesses and nonprofits that comply with the law are not penalized.

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