Javier Jauregui, Pinkberry

This was a ‘special’ Out and About as it was the first time in six years the chamber team accompanied me on a business visit. Javier Jauregui, Pinkberry owner, welcomed us and invited us to select a Pinkberry yogurt and toppings, of our choice. Claudia prepared our individual orders and thoughtfully answered any questions we had.

“My wife and I have backgrounds in customer service, operations, and marketing which lend to the success of owning a Pinkberry franchise. I have over 15 years of experience in building operations from the ground up, contract negotiations, creating and maintaining budgets, and customer conversion,” stated Jauregui.

Pinkberry is the tart frozen yogurt brand from Los Angeles.  Starting in 2002, the Pinkberry brand reignited the phenomenon for frozen yogurt and has grown throughout the county to more than 100 stores.

“The pandemic was a small challenge for us, but on a larger scale it provided us with several opportunities.  We took the time to connect and build rapport with our employees.  We were able to go over processes, work/life balance, and standard operating procedures with each of them.

Sometimes we bring our three children to work with us.  It affords more quality family time, but it also provides them the opportunity to see how a business is ran.  Our six-year-old daughter even creates video content for us,” smiled Jauregui.

Pinkberry creates distinctive products by selecting and combining fresh ingredients.  Their yogurt is made with real milk and real yogurt. This location also offers the options of pickup and delivery.

“Our goal is to own 10 locations in the next five years,” exclaimed Jauregui.  With the tenacity and dedication, I have seen in Jauregui, I am sure that goal will be achieved. 

Consider supporting a small business by enjoying a frozen yogurt on a hot summer day. Pinkberry is located at 21157 Hawthorne Blvd., in Torrance.

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