On November 7th, I attended a seminar provided by Securitas Security Services USA. The event was well-received on Situational Awareness/Homelessness within the Greater Long Beach and the South Bay Area.  This is a very important issue that creates safety and security concerns, as well as sensitive social concerns.  The discussion highlighted regulations, thoughtful strategies, and solutions to maintain personal safety. 

Securitas, a top leader in protective services, is proud to provide dedicated industry professionals and subject matter experts to host educational, security-focused seminars for their clients, prospective clients, and the greater business community. 

These types of events provide Securitas an opportunity to share knowledge, experience, expertise, and participate as an active member of the community. Securitas considers their involvement and contributions to communities an important corporate responsibility. This aligns with their core values of Integrity, Vigilance, and Helpfulness. The Chamber thanks Securitas for their valued membership and their dedication to bettering the Torrance area community. 

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