By: Ryan Guitare

As the holiday season approaches and the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce gears up for Small Business Week from November 25 to December 2, we had the privilege of sitting down with Suren Sagadevan, Business Development Manager at DivergeIT to gain insights into their experience as a small business during this festive period.

Q1: What is it like being a small business during the holiday season? Do you see an uptick in your services, or would you like to see more of an uptick in your business?

“Like any business, DivergeIT always welcomes an uptick in our business whether it’s the holiday season or not! The uptick in our business is typically driven by those that value IT and security and are proactive in planning and budgeting for the year ahead. But most small and midsized businesses are still reactive with their approach to IT and security, so we also see an uptick in business with those responding after an incident occurs.”

Q2: What struggles/successes have you faced being a small business?

“Finding the right people with the right expertise tends to be a challenge in the tech space. In order to provide our clients with the high level of service we promise, we must resource and hire appropriately. While this may pose a challenge, the DivergeIT culture thrives in adversity and will leverage new ways to hire employees through various channels and partners in our community.”

Q3: What are you excited about going into the holiday season and Small Business Week?

“DivergeIT takes pride in the work we do, and the education and resources we provide to keep our business community secure from threats and streamlined operationally. There is still a steep learning curve for small and midsized companies with IT and security, and DivergeIT is excited to be an instrumental part of helping this active business community continue its growth and maturity in that regard.”


In this season of celebration, DivergeIT embodies the resilience and commitment that define successful small businesses. Their story resonates with the essence of Small Business Week, and the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce proudly showcases their achievements. Together, we honor the vibrancy and contributions of our local small business community.

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