The California Chamber of Commerce 2022 Business Issues and Legislative Guide is available now on the CalChamber website at

This easy-to-reference publication presents the CalChamber Agenda for California Recovery — private sector solutions that will help businesses do business and stay competitive in a global economy.

As California begins to emerge from the pandemic and as a part of this agenda, the CalChamber recommends that state policy makers exercise caution and restraint when considering new policies and regulations. The pandemic has created a significant degree of uncertainty for everyone. As the Guide explains more, in order for California to maintain a competitive advantage, policy makers need to carefully navigate the new, post-pandemic normal.

Hard copies of the Guide have been mailed to CalChamber preferred and executive members who signed up to receive the printed Guide.

An e-book edition of the Guide, compatible with smartphones, tablets and desktop computers with an e-book reader installed can be downloaded free at A PDF file also is available.

In addition, issue articles can be viewed as web pages and downloaded as individual PDF files. All electronic files include clickable links to many of the sources cited in the issue articles.

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