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Message from the Chairman of the Board


I have the distinct privilege of serving as Chairman of the Board this year. We are fortunate to have an incredibly dedicated Chamber staff who, along with my fellow Board members and other Chamber volunteers, work tirelessly toward our goal of ensuring a stronger economic future for Torrance and our region.

Torrance stands tall among the 88 cities in Los Angeles County as a place where businesses work together with the community to achieve great things. For over a century, our Chamber of Commerce has strengthened our community and made a significant contribution to the welfare of our citizens. As the largest Chamber in the South Bay, our core interest is ensuring the well-being and vitality of our business community, but the Chamber is also in a position to offer a great deal to the community at large.


The Chamber will remain anxiously engaged.

As I look the 2016-2017 year, I hope that collectively we can continue to be “anxiously engaged” in the noble cause of serving our community. This will be our theme as we work to serve you and the Torrance community. Together we will collaborate with officials at all levels of government to strengthen our efforts to advocate for public policy that fosters a sustainable business community and focus on creating jobs in the South Bay. Another key role that the Chamber can play is the promotion of job growth through exporting. Given Torrance’s proximity to the busiest Port complex in the Western Hemisphere, we should lead on this issue.

I look forward to working with all of you during the coming year to ensure that the Chamber remains a positive force for good in our community and throughout our region.

Donna Duperron, Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce

Message from the President & CEO


Growth, change, research, technology, and many other factors challenge us daily to adjust our lifestyle, confront new opportunities, and meet greater demands. The Chamber is committed to track and record economic growth, keep pace with the changes of marketing and consumer habits, and assist its members with their needs – providing programs and benefits to enhance their facility, operation, administration and personnel, or general welfare.

The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce is your voice for issues and actions affecting business and industry. We are working to preserve the free and competitive enterprise system, promoting growth and development, and making the Torrance area a better place to live, work, learn and conduct business. I would urge you to support the businesses listed within these pages as they too are supporting our goals to make our community a better place.

Membership in the Chamber provides unparalleled opportunities to connect with peers, current and prospective clients, and partners up and down our supply chains. The Torrance Area Chamber stands out as our area’s premier business-enabling and business-advocacy organization.

Regular meetings, conferences and other activities provide extraordinary opportunities to grow your networks and gain new insights for addressing the common challenges facing all of us in business today. By working together as Chamber members, we have a much stronger voice with our elected leaders as they contemplate policy revisions and new rules and regulations that create greater certainty and an improved environment for business in Torrance.


Although it may sound cliché, there really is strength in numbers. I think that’s especially true with the Chamber. This Chamber and your business community need you! Renew, join anew, and reach out and encourage the companies you do business with regularly to join as well.

A major goal this year is to increase the value of your Chamber membership to you and your business. The Chamber staff and Board of Directors want to increase your awareness of what your Chamber does for the business community and therefore create avenues which stimulate more two-way communication.

I hope you will use the online Chamber tools as your go-to source for information about the many businesses providing goods and services in and around Torrance. I challenge each resident, business, and even visitor to become an active part of our community heritage of involvement and to spread the word that Torrance is a great community in which to do business.

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