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Leadership Torrance is a program focused on developing effective leaders from across the South Bay. Sponsored by the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce, it provides opportunities for emerging leaders to take an active role towards building a stronger community.

Leadership Torrance was envisioned as a way to create visibility for emerging leaders. The mission of the Leadership Torrance program is to develop effective leaders by encouraging community connections through partnerships with City officials and local businesses.



Leadership Torrance is an excellent opportunity to dig deep and learn about our community and the wonderful programs, services, and events that available for all. I have lived in Torrance for 11 years and have worked at El Camino College for almost 20. I now have a better and greater appreciation of the intentional decisions to continuously improve and add to the quality of life in Torrance. On a personal level, I was able to meet and connect with individuals from a diverse background and who work in various fields.

Julieta Aramburo

Director of Outreach and School Relations, El Camino College

I embraced Leadership Torrance when I discovered the limitless power a group can have when united. The memories we forged and the lessons we learned from our community are a testament to the remarkable impact our Torrance Chamber leadership team has had on our group. There’s also the fact that having people at the top of their industry as your new circle of influence is transformative for me and my life. I get to refer my family, friends and customers to the best in the South Bay and all because of #LT2023. Thank you for the most amazing experience I’ve had to date in our community and for picking me for this class. I’ll never forget this experience!

Tabitha Pennington

State Farm Insurance Agent, State Farm

What’s involved?

Nine day-long excursions spread over a four-month period will jumpstart your understanding of the Torrance community and South Bay business environment. The program features an impressive array of business owners and industries representing the South Bay’s power base, as well as access to many closed-door areas of our infrastructure. You will complete the program with a deeper insight into the rich history of the South Bay and the current issues facing different sectors of the community. 

The program provides you with ample opportunities to fast-track your networking circle with:  

  • Torrance and South Bay businesses, 
  • City, County, and State Government 
  • The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce 
  • South Bay community organizations

Leadership Torrance's Annual Trip to Sacramento, CA

County Day 2024

Leadership Torrance visits the Port of Long Beach

Leadership Torrance visits El Camino College as part of Education Day

Leadership Torrance visits the Torrance Historical Society and Museum

What will I be doing?

Interact with influential South Bay leaders

Specially-planned activities will help you build great rapport with highly motivated and aspiring leaders in the community. You’ll also discover innovative ways to enhance interpersonal relationships through networking and collaboration.

Engage in highly visible activities that make an impact in Torrance

Expand your awareness of the Torrance community and its infrastructure (business, political, educational, non-profit, etc.) to better understand challenges and opportunities affecting day to day life in the city.

Discover and enhance your leadership abilities

Develop your leadership ability and understanding of various leadership styles through discussions with current leaders, and your fellow cohort members, by developing a community project to benefit the South Bay.

Elevate your business relationships within the community

Learn about guiding principles and best practices from a variety of businesses within the community to discover new ways to promote and improve your business.

Leadership Torrance 2024 – Schedule Coming Soon


Leadership In Action

Each Leadership Torrance class chooses a Community Project that allows participants to put some of the leadership skills they develop into practice. It’s a tangible way to give back and make a long-lasting contribution to the community. The class organizes and executes the Community Project as a team.

Additionally, graduates from each Leadership Torrance graduating class become the facilitators of the next year’s program, providing graduates with a significant opportunity to continue serving the community, to improve an already outstanding program, and continue to pursue excellence in leadership — this time in an actual leadership role.


Frequently Asked Questions 

The excursions that are done by the team are they during the day or night? 

All excursion happen during the day time. Typically we will be meeting between the hours 8:00AM to 4:00PM.

What is time commitment to the program?

Leadership Torrance cohorts typically participate in few different ways. One way is excursion to visit different businesses connected to the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce and there will be meeting time to discuss leadership at the Chamber, also.  Therefore, time commitment is 16 hours month directly tied to excursion and within that time we will have discussions on leadership.

Does the Leadership Torrance program require “homework”?

No. Leadership Torrance does not have homework assignments typically. The cohort may be ask to collectively read a specific book on leadership.  This may require some reading when the team is not together, however, they will not be homework assignments.

Are there team projects or group assignments that is a part of the Leadership Torrance program?

Yes. The participants in the program will be charged with collaboratively working on a service project.  The purpose is to develop a project to serve our community.

Will participating have a large impact on my day to day work for my job?

This is hard to gauge for everyone, however, other than the excursions when you are away from work there should not be additional impacts. It is important to ensure you have a candid discussion with our direct supervisor to ensure they understand the time commitment.  As always leadership involves good communication.

What happens if I miss a scheduled day to meet?

The Directors will provide a schedule of dates for the excursions. We will be tracking attendance for each of the activities.  We would like to ensure no one misses more than 2 events during the 6 month commitment.  Anytime you have to miss you need only to contact one of the directors so they are aware and we can maintain accurate headcounts and accountability.

What is the length of the entire program?

The Leadership Torrance program is 6 months from Orientation to Graduation.

Will I need to use a vehicle at times?

Yes. There will be some excursion that will require us to travel.  Carpooling is welcome or you can drive your own vehicle.

What is the program’s cost?

Current TACC members and their employees: $1,250

Payment is required upon acceptance into the program. You can find the application at the top of this page.

Non-members: $1,850

Payment is required upon acceptance into the program. You can find the application at the top of this page.

The cost is inclusive of all materials and the two-day Sacramento trip; including lodging, airfare and all scheduled meals. Upon completion of the program, tuition also includes the graduation ceremony and reception for all participants.

Skills focus:

  • Leadership
  • Business & Civic Knowledge
  • Volunteerism
  • Networking
  • Teamwork

Leadership Torrance Alumni Association

Leadership Torrance has graduated hundreds of participants over its 40-year existence. The Leadership Torrance Alumni Association was formed to continue the networking process and to interact with the current Leadership Torrance class. Upon graduating, you will be eligible to join this exclusive group to continue the process of developing key relationships with the South Bay’s most motivated business and civic leaders.

Meet the Director and Co-Directors for Leadership Torrance 2024

Belma Demirovic Chinchoy

Immigration General Counsel


Karen Pryor

Mutual of Omaha


Lisa Akiyama Robinson

Sunflower Farms


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