Visibility. Credibility. Profitability.


Membership is about moving forward



The Chamber coordinates over 130 events and programs every year—each an opportunity for members to expand their visibility. Advertising is also available.


Positive brand perception is essential, and the Chamber helps members set the stage. Members can volunteer for speaking engagements to share their expertise and elevate their credibility.


When a business’s visibility and credibility rise, so does its profitability. Consumers trust businesses that are involved in—and care about—the community.

The Torrance Chamber’s Governmental Affairs Policy (GAP) group meets to determine Chamber positions towards legislative issues affecting the Torrance Business Community.

Business Learning & Development

Exclusive training opportunities on a variety of hot topics give members a competitive edge over non-members. It’s like a set of continuing education courses — at no extra cost.

Members unlock free unlimited access to these six monthly programs for learning, collaboration, and relationship building: Governmental Affairs Policy, Health & Wellness, Ignite Torrance, Professional Roundtable of Financial Services, and Tech Talks.

Plus, these incredible programs give non-members a chance to get a feel for membership for free.

Cost Saving Programs

The Chamber develops partnerships and initiatives to provide members with exclusive savings that go beyond the office.


Through the free Office Depot Chamber Program, Chamber members gain access to deep online and in-store savings on printing services, office supplies, furniture, technology, and more.


The Restaurant Loyalty Card gives members and their employees exclusive discounts to use at participating Chamber member locations.


Give employees a new perk with Employee Savings Tickets. Chamber member employees enjoy exciting savings on entertainment, travel, products, and services.

Gain a Voice

The Chamber gives member businesses a voice they wouldn’t have otherwise. Members gain a say in what happens in government through the Torrance Area Chamber’s effective advocacy efforts.

The Chamber’s full-time Government Affairs staff advocates tirelessly on behalf of member businesses every day. Weekly staff reports, a monthly advocacy newsletter, and the Chamber’s Grassroots Advocacy Center keep members engaged with how the Chamber is helping protect the interests of South Bay business.

Brandon Matson (TACC), Bob Brandt (Red Car Brewery & Restaurant), Chef Shafer (The Depot & Buffalo Fire Department restaurants), Kirk Rossberg (Torrance Bakery & Sandwich Shop), and Donna Duperron (TACC) testified in Los Angeles in opposition of the minimum wage hike, 2015.

Access to 130+ events and meetings per year

Chamber members enjoy discounted pricing at events. Members may also participate in event committees with other area business professionals to help make Chamber events the special experiences that they are. Committee participation is a great opportunity for members to grow their visibility and credibility.


Being a chamber member is 23% more effective for communicating that a company uses good business practices.


When consumers know that a business is part of a Chamber, they are 49% more likely to think favorably of it.


Chamber members find a 73% increase in consumer awareness over companies that are not a chamber member.


Consumers are 80% more likely to purchase goods when they know the business is with a Chamber.

*Information provided by the American Chamber of Commerce Executives and Western Association of Chamber Executives.

A Big Boon for Small Business

Small businesses with up to 20 employees gain access to everything membership has to offer for less than a dollar per day.

Membership awaits.

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