Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce

Advocacy Efforts

Delivering the Voice of Business

The Torrance Chamber (TACC) leads organized, mission-driven advocacy to produce results for its members. Whether representing the interests of its members on macro policy issues or providing services for members on a specific issue, the Chamber has the resources and connections to help its members obtain the outcomes they need when dealing with government. This is why the TACC is the Take Action Chamber of Commerce.


“The Torrance GAP shares information on legislative status and provides opportunities to meet with elected officials who have directly influenced the outcome of local and state legistlation that affects our business and others in the community.”

Government Affairs Policy (GAP) members get a status update on the C (Green) Line Extension to Torrance by Mark Dierking from the LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Shaping Issues

To represent the interests of the Torrance business community, the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce’s leadership meets regularly with elected officials at all government levels through the Governmental Affairs Policy (GAP) program. The time-tested decision making process ensures the positions the Chamber takes toward policies, regulations, and projects are taken prudently and timely.

Taking Action

When businesses experience or notice potential issues with current or upcoming legislation, they can easily let the TACC know. The TACC makes sure that concerns are strongly heard by policymakers. This collaboration between members and the Chamber ensures continued economic prosperity for the Torrance area.

Providing Access to Leaders

For over 100 years, the TACC has served as the voice of Torrance business. To grow their business, business owners are encouraged to leverage the Chamber’s relationships with key leaders in the community.

Keeping Members in the Know

The Torrance Chamber maintains connections with countless organizational partners to help Chamber members stay up to speed with the latest employment laws and trends in business and government affairs.

Getting Results

Results drive the Torrance Chamber. The TACC produces meaningful outcomes for its members through solid preparation, execution, and follow through.

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Support the TACC’s advocacy efforts, and open the door for the TACC to advocate for you.

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