The Chamber helps member businesses gain exposure through multiple avenues. Grand openings, ribbon cuttings, and ground breaking ceremonies are offered to all members. The Chamber helps coordinate the event by inviting business professionals, city officials, and legislative representatives. This is a great opportunity for member businesses not only to showcase their wares, but also to host and meet influential South Bay leaders. The Chamber provides the ribbon and scissors, and a Chamber staff member takes pictures during the event.


1. Schedule a ceremony event by calling the Chamber at (310) 540-5858. Contact the Chamber no later than one month prior to the event, and provide three preferred dates.

2. Once the date is confirmed, invite clients, customers and any other appropriate guests. The business’ invitees will serve as the primary guests of the event, along with the 5-10 representatives from the Chamber who will be in attendance. The Chamber will invite the Mayor and Council members, legislative representatives, Chamber Ambassadors and other business professionals.

3. (Optional) Provide appetizers and light refreshments for guests.

4. Enjoy the celebration!

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