The Chamber Foundation

The Chamber Foundation has actively promoted collaboration between local businesses and the Torrance Unified School District. Among these collaborative opportunities have been the Adopt-A-School program, the LEAD program, Principal for a Day, Executive for a Day, and Business for a Day. These programs have allowed local businesses, through mentorship, to bridge the employment needs with a well-trained, well educated workforce pool.

LEAD: Leadership, Exploration and Development

This highly interactive program is to acquaint students with community needs, opportunities, challenges an resources. They will learn to develop leadership, communication and team building skills. It will afford the opportunity to interact with fellow students, community leaders and decision makers. The goal with this program is to also introduce students to emerging career opportunies by meeting and working with a variety of professionals to discover what it takes to reach their goals and acquire some of the skills needed to get there.

The Torrance Chamber of Commerce LEAD program has been an incredible opportunity that I have been so blessed to take part in. Too often do I take everyday aspects of life for granted, so to be able to take a step back – to be able to meet the men and women who continue to serve us so that we are able to live how we do – has been a truly valuable experience and reminder of our dependence on one another. We can’t all do every part, but we can all do our part – I think that is a big part of leadership that this program has helped me realize.

Nothing could top the day we visited the court house. I am fascinated by Federal and State government and law, and to be able to see this in action was one of the most exciting experiences I could have asked for. So, thank you Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce for all that you have done and continue to do.

Vivian Turnbull

Student, Ambassador High School

This LEAD program means a lot to me because I learned about so many thing all around Torrance, including all the professionals from different businesses that I met. I like how I got to meet students from different schools – it was an honor getting to know them. It encouraged me to become a true leader. I want to say thank you for having me in the program and showing me all the different businesses. LEAD was an amazing program and it helped me look into my future and think about what I should do.

Yannen Paez

Student, Torrance High School

The students visit the Korean Bell of Friendship.

The students visit Sunrider International headquarters.

The students visit Health-Ade Kombucha corporate.

I learned that Torrance is full of hidden gems. I enjoyed the many restaurants we dined at, almost all of them family-operated. The free food and gifts from each business were amazing. I learned that many corporations also operate in Torrance and that we live in a great city. The LEAD program gave me a wide variety of choices and interests for the future and exposed me to new and unheard of experiences. One of my favorite places we visited was King’s Hawaiian. There, we learned how the factory ran, how many leaders worked together to keep the company strong, how fresh bread was produced every day. Going to new places made me appreciate the city of Torrance and every little thing that it has to offer. I never knew how grand and diverse our city was until LEAD.

Luke Kim

Student, West Torrance High School

A Taste of the 2018-2019 Sessions…

Oct. 16th – The History of Torrance

Nov. 6th – Who’s Who in Government

Dec. 11th – Connecting with Culture

Jan. 15th – How It’s Made

Feb. 26th – Day In the Life of a First Responder

Mar. 19th – Bring In the Experts

Apr. 25th – LEAD Graduation Day

Questions about the LEAD program? Give us at call (310) 540-5858.

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