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The following monthly programs are included at no extra cost with the price of membership. Not only are these programs a fantastic way to network and get out of the office—they also provide amazing learning opportunities, so members can stay current on best practices to apply to their business. They’re a good job perk for employees too, as they are always welcome to attend.


The Government Affairs Policy (GAP) group takes positions, first hand, on many of the issues affecting Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce businesses. The group affords members the opportunity to participate as a collective voice to promote business interests with government through legislative advocacy in support of policies that strengthen local commerce and economy.



Women in Business seeks to support the role of women in today’s workforce by providing a forum to engage with other members and build partnerships that only increase business potential, but also create lasting professional and personal relationships. Past topics that have driven attendees’ interest, and thus made this program one of the most consistently well-attended, have included: “Understanding & Dealing with Passive-Aggressive Behavior as Professionals”, “The Ins & Outs of Serving as a Local Female Elected Official – A Panel” and “The Evolving Workplace”.


The Finance & Business Professionals program is a monthly program that opens up an avenue for future referrals, interactive dialogue, regulations, best practices and networking amongst both specific financial professionals and the broader-landscape of business professionals. This program has featured useful, forward-thinking, and applicable topics, such as: “CalSavers: A State Sponsored Retirement Program (mandatory for employers who do not currently offer retirement saving options)”. There were also topics such as “Best Hiring Practices for Today’s Job Market” and a expert panel on “Tax Strategies for Small Business”.


South Bay HYPE (Helping Young Professionals Excel) is a monthly program that provides meaningful and dynamic opportunities for Young Professionals within the South Bay region to connect, support, and network with one another. The programs are held at engaging Chamber member locations, like up-and-coming local breweries, hip restaurants or hotels, and classic bar & grills. HYPE has featured speakers from successful Torrance Area companies and start-ups, as well as mixers with other local chambers.


The Tech Talks program allows Chamber members to learn about  innovative member companies in the Torrance area through tours and presentations, which simultaneously provides greater visibility to those technological companies. Getting a behind-the-scenes look at companies and having unique opportunities to meet those people who are creating the world of tomorrow right here in the Torrance area has helped to make Tech Talks a pillar of the Chamber’s programs.


The Workforce & Education Roundtable seeks to enhance the educational experience by linking academics, businesses, and the community to promote real-world learning opportunities. Discussions and activities are geared toward the development, support, and encouragement of partnerships within workforce preparation in the South Bay region. Thought-provoking and in-depth discussions have included: “Equipping & Producing Graduates with Applicable Life Skills”, “Developing Highly Skilled Employees”, “Creating a Diverse Workforce with Higher Productivity & Reduced Turnover Costs”, “Fostering Apprenticeship, Internships & Cooperative Education Programs”, as well as “Optimizing On No-Cost & Low-Cost Consultations for Small Businesses”. 


International Business seeks to provide a platform to network with others within our region who are established in the global marketplace, engaged in international business, or are exploring ways to enter the trade area to enhance their international trade capabilities. This program provides members with a chance to promote the community and help create a strong economy, as well. Program topics are both informative and interactive, ranging from “Importing & Exporting 101”, “Export Financing & Backing from the US Government Resources”, “Export Finance Options & Lending Vehicles” and “Reducing Risk in Exporting”.


With a wide variety of topics, ranging from “Connected to Screens – Disconnected from Life” to “What You Need to Know About Trendy Diets” to “A Discussion on the Positives & Negatives about CBD”, the Chamber’s Wellness Plus program provides members the opportunity to learn the latest cutting-edge strategies to build a healthier workplace and community.

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