If you asked him at the beginning of his career: “Do you see yourself running for elected office?” Mayor Patrick Furey would have answered: no. He expressed it was not a goal from when he started as a police officer. In describing his career path, Mayor Furey termed it as winding, from a police officer, to newspaper reporter, to paralegal, to prosecutor, to commissioner, to city counsel, and eventually elected official. “It is interesting,” Mayor Furey began when asked about his inspiration for this career. “I was encouraged by other city council members [to run for office] and, of course, had the support of my wife [Terry].” 

Mayor Furey cites his best accomplishment as the creation of the Social Services Commission, launched in 2017. This Commission addresses issues concerning the City’s veterans, homeless population, adults with developmental disabilities and children with special needs. As with many other meetings, the Commission was put on hold due to the pandemic but reconvened hearings virtually last month and looks forward to more progress, especially with the recent grant from LA County.

Serving as Mayor has definitely afforded Mayor Furey with some memories. Mayor Furey fondly reminisced about Torrance’s Armed Forces Day Parade, “I have a great appreciation of those in service. It is wonderful meeting the young people serving and the commanding officers like generals and admirals.” He also shared about his opportunities to visit the White House for previous inaugurations and attending the State of the Union as a guest of Congresswoman Maxine Waters. But by far the most thrilling was when the U.S. Navy flew him in and off an aircraft carrier “It was thrilling [both the experience and opportunity]. 

With the State of the City less than a week away, Mayor Furey briefly touched on his outlook from 2020 to 2021. “ I want to emphasize to keep building careers instead of jobs and to keep businesses on foot.” He mentioned a resolution for new housing for new people in the city. “We need to have housing for people to come to work [in Torrance], and not just for them but for our children and grandchildren, and a plan where to place new housing.” Mayor Furey will address this and more ways he would like to see Torrance grow in the State of the City Address.

To RSVP for the Mayor’s State of the City Address, Thursday, October 22nd at 12 noon, click here. 

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