The West Basin Municipal Water District has announced two programs that support indoor and outdoor water saving efforts of businesses: the Grass Replacement Rebate Program and the Cash for Kitchens Program. The programs were created to help California businesses achieve water use reduction by 15%.

The Grass Replacement Rebate program involves receiving $3 per square foot of grass that is removed. To qualify, grass removal projects must involve replacement landscaping that includes water-saving plants, upgraded irrigation systems, and rainwater capture features. Businesses can learn more about eligibility for the Grass Replacement Rebate Program at, or by calling the SoCalWater Smart Program hotline at (888) 376 – 3314. For additional information, please visit the following link.

The Cash for Kitchens Program provides free water efficiency devices, educational materials, and appliance rebate information to organizations, and was developed to provide restaurants and food service facilities including corporate kitchens, hotels, and schools with water efficiency surveys to assist their efforts towards saving water. The survey provides information on current water usage, water conservation strategies, and free materials to assist management in training employees to increase water saving efficiency. To view the survey, please visit

For more information about the Cash for Kitchens Program, please visit the following link.

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