The 2022 BizFed Pulse Poll is the culmination of months of planning, drafting, and finessing. The questions BizFed is asking you to answer this year – and the response options you’ll be able to select from – are the brainchild of their Polling & Metrics CommitteeBizFed Officers with expertise in various fields, and their longtime partners at Employers Group. BizFed is confident the poll they’ve crafted will lead to their largest business community response yet.

BizFed are big fans of transparency, so they’ll get this out of the way right off the bat. It’s going to take you more than one minute (but it shouldn’t take more than ten – they promise!) to thoughtfully respond to all the questions in this poll. This isn’t a flash poll that asks for quick-takes on surface issues. BizFed wants responses that empower them to conduct a data deep-dive. 

The insights they glean from member responses will determine how they rank their policy priorities, map out their advocacy work, and make decisions about how best to serve you in the coming year. BizFed needs your time, attention, and unique insights to get this right.

This is how BizFed takes the pulse of the broad business community – the beating heart of their regional economy – to diagnose critical issues hindering their pandemic recovery and slowing the growth of business in Los Angeles County. As BizFed watches California leaders embracing the endemic solutions business leaders posed months ago, they shouldn’t have to to spell out for you why this kind of methodical diagnosis is more important now than ever before.

Elected officials listen to us. They follow our lead.

A historically busy election season is upon us and a class of new leaders will soon take the reins. BizFed needs to conduct a full business community check-up before that happens. It starts with the 2022 BizFed Pulse Poll.

Click the link below to complete their 32-question poll.
The window for responses will stay open through the month of April.


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