Throughout the pandemic, the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce has facilitated  industry specific roundtables which provide an opportunity for members to exchange information on best practices,  listen to proposed advocacy in their industry and to hear from leaders within their sector.  The chamber has hosted roundtables for those in finance and real estate, restaurant and breweries, brick and mortar small business and nonprofits. 

The chamber will invite members in the technology field to participate in a roundtable on February 18th.   Topics to be discussed include:  how has your business adapted to changing business conditions; what practices will stay and what practices will have to be modified and proven better; what is your top challenge; how are you overcoming the skills gap, the speed of innovation and artificial intelligence?

Chamber staff, board and members have welcomed the  opportunity to connect and find ways in which to support one another.  The industry specific roundtables have assisted in communication with members. 

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