Donna Duperron, President & CEO, participated in a coalition call with Senator Steve Bradford yesterday.  The state-wide coalition, Californians Against Retail and Residential Theft organized the meeting.  The coalition’s goal is to educate lawmakers (local and state), public safety officials, and the community about the stories and struggles of crime and theft small businesses on main street are facing right now, and the need to find solutions.

Coalition members spoke to the Senator about unintended consequences of Proposition 47, keeping job creators in California, organized fencing groups and losses over the past five years to small business due to retail theft.

“We need advice from local elected officials and the business community as to what resources are needed so we can work together to find solutions.  Working together we can come up with some right solutions to problems,” commented Bradford.

The Torrance Chamber will continue to work with local elected officials, law enforcement and the state-wide coalition regarding Organized Retail Theft.

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