New member, Joshua Demery of ProSport Physical Therapy and Performance, receives a gift card curtesy of Paul’s Photo for Fall into Membership Drive.

During “Fall into Membership Drive’, the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce Chamber has experienced a growth spurt, adding 20 new members in three weeks between October 10th and November 2nd.  There have been a lot of changes in the business world in the past few years, but the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce is still in the business of serving local businesses and promoting the many advantages of membership.  We welcome and thank our new members.

The value of Chamber membership comes in many forms.  There are opportunities to build relationships with peers, partners, clients, and public leaders.  The Chamber provides discussions around job trends and diversity in the workforce.  The government representation for advocating forward-thinking policies that foster growth and support local business matters. 

New and current chamber members value the importance of working to build regional cooperation and promoting the identity of businesses.

The members of the Chamber have created a meaningful, powerful association that enriches our community and positively impacts our members’ businesses and their employees. Our work has been rewarded by the ongoing support provided by members of all sizes and types, and we thank our members who have donated items to provide a welcome to newly joined members.

For those considering membership, welcome.  We welcome the opportunity to learn about your business and share the benefits of membership with you. It’s always the right time to ‘Fall into membership’.

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