LEAD participants gather on the steps of Torrance High School on the program’s launch day, October 24, 2017



Chamber’s Foundation Launches LEAD

(Leadership, Exploration and Development)

The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce established a 501 (c) 3 Foundation in 1982.  Since that time the Foundation has partnered with students, principals, teachers and college administrators in establishing a variety of activities and programs including: Adopt-A-School, Mentor, Educators in the Workplace, Principal for a Day, Executive for a Day and Education to Work Day.

On Tuesday, the Foundation kicked off, LEAD (Leadership, Exploration and Development) where 24 sophomore students will take part in a six month program, similar to the Leadership Torrance Program.

Students were met at the Torrance Historical Society and Museum by Janet Payne and Debbie Hays who spent the day educating the students on the history of Torrance. Payne and Hays provided interactive games about the city, as well as provided a walking tour of Old Torrance.

Additionally, Torrance Mayor Patrick J. Furey provided welcoming remarks and encouraged the students to learn as much as they could from business and non-profit leaders, as well as City employees as they participated in the upcoming sessions.

LEAD is co-directed by Leslie Cortez, City of Torrance and Bill Samp, Torrance Fire Department. Jennifer Olvera, vice Chair of the Foundation, assists Cortez and Samp in the facilitation of the program.

Appreciation is extended to individuals who attended, and businesses who sponsored Summerfest this past year, to assist in funding this program. Additionally, appreciated is extended to those who made donations to the Dick Rossberg Foundation. Mr. Rossberg, a past chairman of the board, was a champion for programs that allowed students the opportunities to see and experience, first hand, the world of work.

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