This past Friday, 174 individuals attended the annual ‘State of the Region’ featuring Congressional representative Maxine Waters and Ted Lieu.  “It is important to hold events such as the annual Congressional ‘State of the Region’ especially in a year with so many issues involving the economic recovery for both business and individuals.  We need the support and experience of our key politicians to campaign on their behalf.  Congresswoman Waters and Congressman Lieu are true advocates for the overall success of their constituents and will continue to fight for all of us as we navigate the coming year”, stated Sherry Kramer, Continental Development Corporation and past chairman of the board.

Congresswoman Waters discussed the CARES Act and provided statistics for South Bay cities regarding the Paycheck Protection Program.  Waters also focused on the American Rescue Plan, which is an Emergency Legislative Package to Fund Vaccinations, Provide Immediate, Direct Relief to Families Bearing the Brunt of the COVID-19 Crisis, and Support Struggling Communities. In her closing statement Waters reiterated the fact that citizens must stand strong for democracy and that students must continue to learn about the constitution in school. 

Congressman Lieu spoke about Space Force, the newest branch of the Armed Forces, established December 20, 2019, the City and State Diplomacy Act, the Immigration Reform Proposal, the expansion of judgeships in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and district courts across the country, and cybersecurity.

Dan Armendariz, immediate past chairman of the board, continued a long-time tradition at this event.  Armendariz acknowledged past Torrance Chamber Chairmen of the Board for their commitment, their leadership, and their support.  Past chairmen attending the event were Dan Keeton, Mark Waronek, Tara O’Brien, Aaron Aalcides, Sherry Kramer, Heidi Cunningham, Jac Folkert, Laurie Latham Brandt, John Heffernan, and Dan Armendariz. 

To watch the recording of this event, click here. 

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