By: Ryan Guitare

Discover the heart and soul behind some of Torrance area’s most beloved dining destinations during the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce Restaurant Appreciation Week. As we celebrate the local food scene from February 4th to the 11th, hear from the passionate individuals behind DEPOT Restaurant, Mo-Mo-Paradise, and The San Franciscan. They share insights into their culinary offerings, the significance of their participation in this special week, and the joy of connecting with the community through food. Join us in exploring the diverse flavors that make Torrance’s culinary landscape truly unique.

Q: How does DEPOT Restaurant reflect the unique culinary scene of the Torrance area?

A: The South Bay’s rich culinary scene is wonderfully complemented by the DEPOT’s global menu, seamlessly fitting into the heart of the Torrance area’s diverse dining landscape. We are honored to be in the company of so many great restaurants, said Chef Michael Shafer, owner of the DEPOT. 

Q: What does participating in Restaurant Appreciation Week mean to Mo-Mo-Paradise?

A: Len Hayashi, President of Operations, at Mo-Mo-Paradise, said, “participating in Restaurant Appreciation Week is really special, as we get to showcase a traditional type of Japanese cuisine that is not yet in the mainstream. It gives us the opportunity to join in this multicultural celebration through food in such a great culinary city.”

Q:  What is your favorite thing about owning and running The San Franciscan Restaurant? 

A: “It’s the gratitude and appreciation you receive from customers who are happy and satisfied with their experience. You just feel happy when things go right. We have done very well; we have won the Daily Breeze Best Steak award 12 years in a row. A lot of work goes into running a restaurant. It is very satisfying when things go well,” said Merrill Failla, Owner and Operator of The San Franciscan in Torrance. 

Diving into Torrance area’s dining scene with Restaurant Appreciation Week gives us a close look at the area’s rich food culture. Hearing from places like DEPOT Restaurant, Mo-Mo-Paradise, and The San Franciscan Restaurant shows off the variety and passion in our local eateries. By supporting these spots, we get to enjoy great food and help our community thrive, all while celebrating Torrance area’s unique culinary scene.

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