Leadership Torrance Class of  2015

& Co-Director for Leadership Torrance Class of 2016

David DeWitt

Principal Engineer

American Honda Motor Company

  1. Where were you in your career right before joining Leadership Torrance?  When I first learned of Leadership Torrance I was managing new technology research for future environmental vehicles at Honda R&D and was actively interacting with our city hall leaders through demonstration programs of our electric vehicles.  I was also already appointed and serving as a commissioner on the Torrance Environmental Quality and Energy Conservation Commission.  The engagement with the city operations and decision making was strongly aligned with my personal and professional strengths.
  1. Where are you in your career and life now? I have since rotated through two new roles within Honda.  To leverage my environmental knowledge from technical research, I began contributing to the advanced product planning group that focused on customer needs.  More recently I am now on the corporate side in a strategic planning role to expand battery electric vehicles that also includes business feasibility.
  1. What insight or benefit of Leadership Torrance do you value most? Leadership Torrance provided deeper awareness of the intricacies and thoughtfulness that go into creating a smooth flowing and aspiring city, ultimately enjoyed by the residents and visitors.  Our Leadership Torrance class offered behind-the-scene perspectives and discussion opportunities on the history, business, finance, services, and culture of the City of Torrance as well as the interaction with neighboring communities.
  1.  Anything else you would like to share? I was fortunate to be selected as a Co-Director of Leadership Torrance for the following year.  That role let me curate the curriculum for that class, taking the best of the previous year and leading a few new experiences.  Our “Media Day” stands out vividly as one of the best learning events. We were coached on how to hone our skills to communicate an effective message and then applied it immediately, on an actual set with lights, camera, and action!  Talk about the power of instant feedback and identifying areas for self-improvement!

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