Donna Visits Aura Seating

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is to visit chamber members at their business location. I was recently invited to Aura Seating, a company that focuses on sustainability and environmental stewardship by keeping it front and center in all activities (Design, HR, Operations and Customer Service). Their logo describes their commitment to nature – from the ocean to the earth and the lives it intertwines.

As I entered this Woman Owned Small Business Enterprise, I was graciously greeted by Minal Mondkar, President of Aura Seating. Soon joining us was Sanjay Murty, Principal of Aura Seating. I quickly learned that Minal has over 25 years experience in the Architectural and Product design industry and Sanjay has over 25 years of experience in the Engineering design, Manufacturing and Operations in various industries.

Walking through their business, and into a conference room just off of their showroom, I could not help but notice the beautiful tables and chairs on display.

The design of their products, including the beautiful tables and chairs, involve environmentally friendly materials. For instance, the manufacturing process for bent plywood uses Poplar, a rapid growing and renewable source of wood.  Forests grow and replant every five years to replenish this resource. Their aluminum components use recycled content, fabrics are recycled material, palm oil and Soy based foam and packaging materials are from recycled paper and pulp.

“We believe Torrance has been a lucky charm for us. From the City of Torrance, to the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce, to our neighbors surrounding our business, the experience has been amazing. Relationships matter the most.  When people work together and understand each other, partnerships form,” stated Minal.

Aura Seating prides itself on their buyback program. “If a customer uses our products for five years, we will give you a credit as a percent of sale price to take the product back for another advanced product offering at the same or higher cost,” explained Sanjay.

From the warm welcome that I was provided with, to the excitement I heard in their voices when talking about their products, to the heartfelt conversation about stewardship and partnership, I had incredible time learning about Aura Seating.

The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce wishes continued success to Minal and Sanjay.

You can learn more about Aura Seating at

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