Sandra Plata, General Manager Cowork South Bay

The coronavirus outbreak caused several disruptions to Los Angeles county’s workforce. Thousands of employees lost their jobs because of layoffs and business closures, and thousands began working from home, a new experience for most.

Additionally, employers and employees also found Coworking spaces to be advantageous for their business growth. Coworking spaces became popular with the emergence of millennials in the professional world. They offer private and shared offices, flexible working schedules, cost-savings, a creative boost and network and collaboration opportunities. However, the popularity of coworking spaces have soared because of the pandemic.

“Cowork South Bay is a space designed for people who would rather work in an inspiring community rather than a boring corporate office or at home. Several individuals are tired of working from home and cannot imagine doing it indefinitely. A home is full of distractions and individuals do miss the one-to-one face time with others,” explained Sandra Plata, General Manager, Cowork South Bay.

As Sandra toured me throughout the location, I noted how clean and organized each of the areas was. I liked the community corner which displayed business cards of Cowork South Bay members, as well as brochures from local restaurants. The kitchen was stocked with green tea, coffee, and small treats. And the one thing fascinating was this secured location is available to members 24/7.

Cowork South Bay has a space for every need, flex desk, private office, dedicated office, virtual office, conference room and studio. Two options that caught my eye was the studio space available for members to bring their own gear and equipment to have a professional photo or video shoot. Alongside the actual space, Cowork also offers production capabilities from their in-house team to assist in the production of photos, videos, or podcasts. I also liked the conference room designation. The chamber office receives several calls each year from members wanting to rent conference room space. Cowork South Bay will now be added to the referral list.

As Sandra and I sat in the comfortable front lobby, I was impressed by the number of members who walked through the front door. She greeted each of them by name and all seemed so comfortable in coming into this location. “We have a very diverse membership who helped each other throughout the pandemic,” stated Sandra.

The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce thanks Cowork South Bay for being a member and looks forward to their upcoming seven-year anniversary ribbon cutting. Cowork South Bay is located at 22519 Hawthorne Blvd., Torrance.

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