The most fascinating thing I enjoy about visiting businesses each week is that I see firsthand the many types of businesses who call the South Bay their home. Dig It, an indoor kid’s play space inspired by real-life construction sites, is a new business to Torrance. Dig It is an indoor STEM based creative space where kids, age 3 – 10, are empowered to explore, design, and build the community around them through play. Located at the Del Amo Fashion Center, my eyes were immediately drawn to the number of children absorbed in playing and learning.

“Our mission is to create an engaging space where children are empowered to explore and build the community around them through play. Dig It encourages kids to dig, move, tunnel, climb, build & create by driving a remote-controlled truck, piloting a mechanical arm, and trying out a full-size digger,” stated Crystal McGinnis, General Manager. McGinnis has more than 20 years of experience facilitating programs for children and their families, including her own Crystal Camp mobile school and camps and looks forward to bringing her love of science and the arts to Dig It. Her enthusiasm is evident in the way she engages with children, parents, and staff.

During the tour, I could not help seeing how much fun the kids were having. I was intrigued with the number of interactive and hands on activities that are available. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a young boy constructing a type of vehicle with abundant materials available to him.

“Access to play has a monumental impact on the physical, psychological, and emotional development of a child. At Dig It, we welcome every child to discover, to laugh, to climb, to dig, to make, to run, to create, to ask questions, and to seek answers,” said McGinnis.

Dig It not only provides a creative space for kids, but it also offers birthday party rooms, weekday toddler play, date night drop off, Club Dig It drop off play and builder workshops. For more information, please visit

The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce welcomes Dig It to the South Bay community and extends wishes for continued success.

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