One thing I quickly learned about Torrance, when I moved here 21 years ago, is people have great pride in the city. This thought was proven to be accurate during my recent visit to Fully Promoted Powered by EmbroidMe.

Paula Henges, owner, has lived in the South Bay for over 36 years. “Through my job, I have been able to meet generations of families,” stated Paula.

Fully Promoted Powered by EmbroidMe provides a showcase of products to compliment a customer’s idea. “We put a logo on almost anything, we provide a large assortment of promotional products and we create branded apparel and marketing services,” commented Paula.

As I toured the business, I was so impressed with all of the equipment. Paula explained that they do all work on-site, they do not broker jobs.

The only embroidery machine I had ever seen was at Disneyland when I had my name put on Mickey’s ears. Therefore, I was taken aback by the size and the scope of process and equipment I saw. There were twill cutters, digital on apparel, heat pressed to cure, and of course embroidery machines.

“The one thing that makes our location stand out it our customer service. A lot of our business comes from customers who had bad experiences elsewhere, as well as referrals,” smiled Paula.

As the world’s largest branded products franchise, Fully Promoted helps businesses all over the globe. As an owner, Paula manages her day as most small business owners. “My day is filled with creating a production calendar, emails, bills, banking, and assisting customers. I have an incredible staff,” stated Paula.

As I concluded the tour, I was intrigued with the showroom and the various items on display. I saw a sweatshirt on display that I really liked and ordered two. I recently picked them up. They were beautiful. The craftsmanship was amazing.

The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce values Fully Promoted Powered by EmbroidMe as members. We wish you continued success.

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