Audrey Diggs and Dr. Adrian Termini

By: Donna Duperron

As I entered Magicland Dental, I did not feel like I was walking into a dentist’s office. The front lobby was colorful, a train was in motion above my head, there was a theater, a midway with arcade games and lifelike drawings on the walls.

Greeted by Myrna Mina, office manager and Audrey Diggs, community outreach specialist, I could instantly see why Magicland Dental has been a 16-year tenant at this site. “Our dentists believe education and prevention are the keys to children’s dental health. First and foremost, we educate youngsters about taking care of their teeth, even showing them how to brush and floss. Then, we embark on a lifelong program of preventative care,” stated Mina.

As we walked through the large office, I continued to observe a welcoming atmosphere throughout the space. Magicland Dental currently has a full staff of 23 employees.

“Our tagline is, ‘Where Kids Love to Smile’. We provide an atmosphere where kids feel genuinely connected. It means so much to the dentists and staff when children return and bring letters and drawings to us. It is just priceless,” smiled Diggs.

Dr. Adrian Termini, DMD, explained that Magicland Dental is a unique office where everyone works together. She spent time explaining how the focus on patient education is so important and how her job is so gratifying.

The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce thanks Magicland Dental for being a member. Magicland Dental is located at 3820 Sepulveda Blvd, Torrance and is open Monday through Saturday. Additional information can be found at

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