Donna Visits Mo-Mo-Paradise


As I entered Mo-Mo-Paradise, my senses kicked into overdrive. While opening the front door an incredible smell was in the air, restaurant guests could easily be heard laughing and engaged in pleasant conversations and beautiful green plants and orchids were displayed throughout the dining area.

I was greeted by Ryusuke Kanagawa, restaurant manager. Kanagawa was very welcoming and eager to share information about Mo–Mo-Paradise, a franchised restaurant located at 21641 S. Western Avenue, Torrance.

Since its first restaurant opening in 1993, Mo-Mo-Paradise has expanded its presence to over 20 cities throughout Asia with plans to expand further throughout the rest of the world. Currently, Mo-Mo-Paradise can be found in Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, USA, Cambodia, and Indonesia. The Mo-Mo-Paradise brand focuses on traditional Japanese “hot pot” with a modern twist.

Kanagawa provided a tour of the restaurant to show me, first hand, the quality and variety of international and local meats and vegetables that are cooked shabu shabu or sukiyaki style at guest tables. Included in the variety of meats are vegetables are pork meatballs, enoki, cabbage, bok choy, tofu, pho, carrot, tomato, mushroom, harusame and onion.

According to Kanagawa, customer service is of the utmost importance. “Mo-Mo-Paradise has a lot of repeat customers who have fun in choosing what they want to eat. Our customers come from a vast demographic and many of them are frequent customers,” stated Kanagawa.

Mo-Mo-Paradise is a new restaurant to the City of Torrance. The chamber extends a warm welcome to Kanagawa and his team and wishes them much success.

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