This week I had the opportunity to visit Transformations Care, a residential detox program.  Founded in 2019, by Paul Dillenback and Roman Cooper, Transformations Care is a complete substance abuse treatment center offering addiction detox programs, residential treatment programs and an intensive outpatient program.  

Paul Stevens, executive director, welcomed me to the three bedroom residence and began sharing about the structure of Transformations Care. As I walked into the residence, I immediately felt like I was in a welcoming home.  The chef was preparing lunch and the aroma of sauteed red bell peppers and onions filled the air, I noticed three guitars hung on the wall, and pieces to a large puzzle were scattered on a table. 

“Transformations Care is where the reality of helping one another is critical,” stated Stevens.  The rate of relapse for people who attempt detox at home is much higher than for those who detox in treatment.  Detoxing at a professional facility can provide the structure, treatment, and safety needed to make it to the other side.  Throughout my visit I was able to meet several individuals who were clearly passionate about the work they did at Transformation Care and whose work was critical in helping others.

Transformations Care treats a number of addictions including; alcohol, heroin, opioids, benzos, crystal meth, amphetamines, designer drugs, fentanyl, prescription medications and marijuana.  “We offer addiction treatment for people who want a better way.  Our mission is to transform lives one day at a time,” explained Dillenback.

The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce values Transformations Care membership and extends wishes for growth and continued success. Additional information about Transformations Care can be found by visiting

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