Next Thursday December 10th, Donna Duperron, Chamber President and CEO, will be honored as the recipient of the South Bay Association of Chambers of Commerce’s Shaun Lumachi Advocacy Award. This distinguished award is presented as Duperron has exhibited sustained leadership in advocacy for business-related issues and demonstrated leadership on local, regional and statewide ballot measures; testified publicly to a government body on a business issue; and holds a leadership role on a regional issue of importance. 

“The Shaun Lumachi Advocacy Award goes to someone who is an advocate on a regional basis. Donna was appointed by the 4th Supervisor Janice Hahn to be on Los Angeles County Resiliency Task Force. She has influence in the whole South Bay, plus LA County – especially as the Chair Elect for Bizfed,” remarked Mark Waronek, M & M Consulting, Inc. and former Chairman of the Board. 

“Donna has excellent relationships with local, state and federal officials and their representatives. When Donna calls, they react and listen.” noted Sherry Kramer, Director of Community Relations & Marketing of Continental Development Corporation. “Many of these folks look to Donna to speak on specific issues and rally members for input. Donna provides that connection to get things done.”  Also noting Duperron’s proactive leadership, Kramer stated “Donna’s relationship with Cal Chamber has been instrumental in her recognition and respect from a larger State audience.  Being active in and (soon to be Chair) of BizFed was a major step in showing her members the seriousness of her involvement in helping them navigate local, state and federal channels. Her continued and historical involvement with SBACC is invaluable.” 

Kirk Rossberg, Torrance Bakery, the Chamber’s Chairman of the Board, commented on the importance of advocacy for the Chamber. “Like many other small businesses, my business is busy putting out day to day fires. Many times there might be issues we might not know about. We could get blindsided by new policies. It’s important to have someone in our corner – like an older sibling looking out for you.”  Rossberg shared the time he testified with other Chamber members to the Los Angeles Board on the raise in minimum wage. “Donna got Bob Brandt, Chef Shafer and I together to state our case. She was like our best cheerleader and coach saying ‘Let’s do this together.’ Not only did Donna advocate for small businesses like ours, but she got us involved. She helps to bring out the best in all of us.” 

“Advocacy is so important because members look to the chamber for direction and support especially during challenging times” Kramer expanded. She continued emphasizing advocacy by noting “Donna is always informed on key issues and will educate herself before presenting and/or taking a position.  The best interest of the Chamber and its members is always in the forefront.”

When considering the nomination for the Shaun Lumachi Award, Waronek said to himself it has to be Donna. “Donna, especially through pandemic, is so active! No Chamber CEO has done so much. She is a dynamo, a rockstar.”  Waronek considered himself honored to know Shaun, whom the award is named after. “Donna, like Shaun, is a good human being. Shaun was always so attentive and genuinely cared. Shaun and Donna are like twins – both good hearted and took care of business. Donna is going above and beyond, burning the midnight oil. Of the whole South Bay, she truly deserves this award.” 

 To get tickets to the SBACC Installation and Awards virtual event: click here. 


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