Donna Duperron, President & CEO, provided testimony at a Labor committee hearing and a Judiciary hearing to voice opposition of AB257. The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Policy (GAP) voted unanimously to oppose AB257, which has two main focal points.

The first point is the transferring of legislative powers to an unelected body to set wage, workplace, and health and safety policy for a subsection of California’s restaurant industry (counter-service restaurants where customers pay first then eat); and, secondly, dismantling the restaurant franchise model in California forcing corporate ownership of all counter service restaurants.

This legislation, and this sector council, applies to a large and incredibly diverse industry. The language in the bill details inclusion of all counter service restaurants with thirty or more location nationwide. Tens of thousands of restaurants, including coffee shops, ice cream parlors, salad bars, taquerias, delis, pizzerias, bakeries, burger houses and other fast food and quick service restaurants, which employ hundreds of thousands of workers and serve millions of California customers daily, will be impacted.

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