This past Thursday, Donna Duperron, President & CEO, testified at hearings on AB61 (Gabriel) Business Pandemic Relief and AB650 (Muratsuchi) Health Care Workers Recognition and Retention Act. Although the hearings were held in Sacramento, Duperron was able to testify by phone.

AB 61 which supports restaurants impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic by providing temporary regulatory flexibility to help facilitate outdoor dining, and take-out and delivery options in a manner consistent with public health guidance was supported by the Torrance Chamber’s Government Affairs Policy (GAP) program.

AB 650 imposes at least an estimated $6 billion in direct payroll costs on healthcare providers, which have lost billions of dollars during the pandemic, jeopardizing access to affordable healthcare for Californians.  The Torrance Chamber’s Government Affairs Policy (GAP) program voted to oppose AB650.

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