Marianne Torhus, Loyalty Manager at IKEA Carson and Gina Lee-Mink owner of American Illumination, Inc.

By: Ryan Guitare

IKEA recently hosted an exclusive Community Mixer, revealing a vibrant new collection and spotlighting its sustainability initiatives. Gina Lee-Mink of American Illuminations, Inc., representing the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce, attended the event and highlighted the unique aspects of the gathering.

The mixer featured a collaboration with Nigel Xavier, winner of Netflix’s “Next in Fashion,” who designed an armchair using upcycled IKEA fabrics. Additionally, IKEA’s partnership with the Pan African Film & Art Festival (PAFF) was on display, with artists presenting IKEA furniture transformed through colorful artistry.

The company also promoted its furniture recycling program, emphasizing its commitment to environmental sustainability through a buy-back system for reselling used items at discounted prices.

Reflecting on the event, Gina expressed a deepened admiration for the company: “My takeaway is that I have found a renewed respect for IKEA. I have long liked the brand and have several IKEA pieces in my home, however, I appreciate their efforts to work with artists and community members to give them another platform for their creativity. Furthermore, I am a strong supporter of their upcycle/buy-back program as a way to keep products and materials out of landfills and give them a new life.”

The event, described as an inspiring platform for networking and creativity, showcased IKEA’s ongoing efforts to enrich community ties and promote sustainable practices.

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