By: Yuki Escovar

At the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce, we recognize that students often embark on their academic journeys with a passion for a particular major or minor, yet lack comprehensive insights into the diverse array of career opportunities within their chosen field. Many are unaware of the day-to-day realities, from company culture and salary expectations to the intricacies of tasks involved.

In response to this need, we are dedicated to providing students with firsthand exposure to professions and industries through immersive experiences. Our unique approach involves onsite visits to businesses, offering students a direct and tangible connection to the professional world.

During these visits, students have the invaluable opportunity to interact with business professionals spanning various industries. This interaction goes beyond the confines of a classroom, allowing students to explore the intricacies of different professions. They can engage with professionals, gaining insights into the nuances of company culture, the daily tasks associated with specific roles, and the skill sets required to excel in their chosen fields.

On Wednesday, March 13 th the chamber will partner with Shery High School to provide opportunities for students to participate in Business for a Day. Additional information will be included in the upcoming Chamber Weekly newsletters.

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