Kenneth Jenkins

Ken Jenkins, Chief Water Resource Sustainability Officer, California Water Service Company, addressed the Chamber’s Government Affairs Policy members to provide an update on California’s drought. Jenkins and his team are responsible for five specific areas: reliable water supply, drought response, customer facing conservation, system water loss and climate change in their service areas in California, Hawaii, Washington, Texas, and New Mexico.

Jenkins provided a timeline from July of 2021 in which Governor Newsom issued a proclamation declaring a State of Emergency in 41 counties to the November 9th drought emergency declared by the Metropolitan Water District. He discussed conservation efforts in respect to residential and commercial buildings and emphasized several rebate programs currently available. Participation in a variety of studies have helped Cal Water update and refine their approach to their drought response as they move forward. 

Jenkins further spoke about Cal Water’s Climate Change Risk Assessment and Adaptation Framework which addresses drought duration, frequency, and depth.  He also provided several resources for chamber members to learn more about the programs that Cal Water offers.

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