Serena Josel

Kaiser Permanente

2021-2022 Chair of the Board 

Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce

Serena Josel, Chairwoman of the Board, welcomed new Board members during last week’s meeting. “We’re so grateful to have these new Board members joining our team. With a wide range of experiences and backgrounds, their participation will help ensure that the Chamber continues to represent every business and industry in our community. I look forward to working with each of them.”

New Board members include Jeff Robinson, Scott Robinson Automotive Group; Neera Chanani, Bluestem Hotel Torrance; Laurie Porter, Smog City Brewery Co.; Dawn Salvatore, Moog, Inc.; Sharon Ward, Pelican Products; Thais Eliasen, Sunrider International and Karen Pryor, Pryority Lending Group, Inc.

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