American Honda Motor Co Museum

Leadership Torrance at the Honda Museum


Honda MuseumLeadership Torrance spent last Thursday in the community focusing on ‘Business and the Environment.’ We kicked off the morning at the Honda Museum, one of the hidden gems in Torrance, which is not open to the public. Leadership of Honda Research & Development as well as Business & Environment addressed the group, talking about design process & technology, the business sense in being environmentally friendly, and the social responsibility that comes with being a steward of our community.

The group enjoyed lunch at the South Bay Environmental Services Center, where staff promoted their programs focused on business resources and services, letting our entrepreneurs and business owners know of all the ways they can take advantage, be more ‘green,’ get the word out to market themselves, and get more involved.

Alpine Electronics

Leadership Torrance at Alpine Electronics

An afternoon tour of Alpine Electronics was led by Leadership Torrance alumni (2003) Dane Collins. The group got the behind-the-scenes scoop of the research & development division, and got a taste of business psychology as companies invest in learning the psychology behind potential customers.

We ended the day at Sage Goddess, a metaphysical boutique that started off as a hobby on Etsy. It has now grown to thousands of transactions a month and a customer base that spans across the world. Torrance’s economy is growing and thriving, and the diversity of our business sector is unmatched… what makes Torrance really special though, is the underlying commitment to community, social responsibility to the environment, and the shared goals of a brighter future.



Sage Goddess

Leadership Torrance at Sage Goddess

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