Kinecta Federal Credit Union employees and invited guests unveil a large billboard acknowledging the importance of mental health.

The “YOU ARE ENOUGH” campaign was launched in Los Angeles on July 1, 2020, to help people feel worthy, seen, and held by sharing the words “YOU ARE ENOUGH” on billboards nationwide. Cathy Caplener is working with mental health practitioners, educators, and corporate sponsors to create support systems for those who are dealing with mental health issues while also striving to raise awareness about how we can work together to combat mental health and wellness issues in our country. 

“Kinecta understands the importance of bringing awareness to mental health and how we can all make a difference.  By partnering with Caplener to display the simple words You Are Enough, we are helping people feel seen and heard,” stated Rianna Kiyomura, Retail Service Manager, Kinecta Federal Credit Union.

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