Leadership Torrance is a program, founded in 1983, that focuses on developing effective leaders from across the South Bay. Sponsored by the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Torrance provides opportunities for emerging leaders to take an active role in building a stronger community. The mission of the Leadership Torrance program is to develop effective leaders by encouraging community connections through partnerships with City officials and local businesses.

Leadership Torrance Class of 2007

Karin Baker

Local CSR Associate,

American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

1.  Where were you in your career right before joining Leadership Torrance?

I had been working in the Honda Community Relations department for 10 years when I joined Leadership Torrance (LT), so I felt I had a strong connection to the community and the Torrance Chamber. I had no idea how much Leadership Torrance would expand my understanding and appreciation for all of the opportunities that we are all so fortunate to have here in Torrance. My connections with everyone I have met have been genuine and lasting. Our community service project, which was a blood drive, really brought us all together and made an impact. The program really goes into depth with all of the City of Torrance resources and exposes the LT Class to things that are truly important and special in our community. Leadership Torrance really helped me to identify synergies within the community throughout the last 14 years since I completed this one-of-a-kind program.

2.  Where are you in your career and life now?

As a Local CSR Associate at Honda, I am responsible for local corporate social responsibility, associate community engagement, Business Resource Group (BRG) facilitation, and community event coordination within my designated zone communities. I still regularly work with and have strong friendships with many of the people from my Leadership Torrance class. I am enjoying working and living in the South Bay with my family, and am super proud of my daughter, Brianna, for completing her first year in college!

3.  What insight or benefit of Leadership Torrance do you value most?

The genuine connection with the people that I met through Leadership Torrance was by far the most valuable aspect of the program for me.  The program goes beyond your specific LT class. It provides you with opportunities to meet and interact with all of the LT classes and is a great resource to connect with like-minded individuals and companies throughout the South Bay region.

4.  Anything else you would like to share?

Leadership Torrance was a fantastic experience, and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in really connecting with this amazing community.

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