Aloha Dear Chamber Members,

This year has started with the joy and excitement of meeting each other in-person. It’s a new beginning of doing business in this changed environment and continuously changing way of life! Looking at the last two years with a glass-half-full mindset, we now appreciate the finer, more innovative ways and are more connected with our passion. We understand the meaning of “ohana” is not just immediate family but our stronger ties to the greater community we do business with. Torrance and its surrounding cities have a variety of industries right here consisting of large and small businesses. What an invigorating time to explore new business collaborations and prosper together!

The Torrance Area Chamber has planned many inspirational programs for all of us to engage in and thrive in shared successes. Through several events that promote social and possible business connections like expo, business match-making, meaningful Councils like the Small Business Council, the Women in Business Council, and the Military Affairs Council, along with so many others. All of these programs offer a myriad of opportunities for us to understand the available resources, meaningful connections and long-lasting friendships! Small businesses generally struggle to find an outlet to connect with their larger counterparts. Torrance Chamber is the connection that makes this happen.

With your participation in these exciting events and councils, bring your valued perspective to help our business as well as your fellow members. We have a strong Chamber that is working tirelessly for us. With more and more businesses and industries coming into Torrance, it highlights the business friendliness we all strive for. Let’s put the Chamber and the City on the Regional, State, and National map again by succeeding together! 

I look forward to seeing each and every one of you at many of the upcoming events soon.

With much Aloha,

Minal Mondkar

Aura Seating

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