Karl Schmidt of Parker, Milliken, Clark, O’Hara & Samuelian, APC, and Mistee Ruiz Founder of Facio, LLC, address chamber members with insights into current labor laws at the Labor Law Update 2024.

By: Ryan Guitare

The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce hosted the California Labor Law Update 2024, providing chamber members with insights into the ever-changing labor landscape. Speakers Mistee Ruiz and Karl Schmidt delved into the complexities of new labor laws, offering valuable perspectives.

Luis Trujillo, General Manager of Roadium Open Air Market, shared, “This event was very educational. It helped me, especially in my new position, to understand why this information is important and how we can protect ourselves while supporting and helping the employees.”

Trujillo’s experience highlighted the practical significance of the event in empowering professionals to navigate evolving labor regulations.

Building on this, Belma Demirovic Chinchoy, Co-Founder, and Managing Partner at Immigration General Counsel emphasized, “Labor laws affect every single employer and every company that is in California, so it is important for companies to come and get sort of the high-level overview of what’s going on, what are the updates, what new elements in the law apply to them.”

This underlines the essential need for businesses to stay informed about evolving labor regulations.

Mark E. Applegate, from Mark E. Applegate Insurance Agency Inc., emphasizes the challenge of following numerous laws passed over the years, stressing the crucial need to stay informed. His key takeaway is the importance of awareness.

General Manager at Home Instead Senior Care, Farrah Benedict, added her perspective, noting, “While I receive legal updates through emails, the in-person explanation and the opportunity to ask questions for clarity on specific issues are always valuable.”

Their perspectives shed light on why attending an event like this is important for chamber members

The insights from speakers and the firsthand experiences shared underscore the importance of staying informed, emphasizing the practical significance of events like these in empowering professionals to adapt to evolving labor regulations.

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