This past week I was honored to attend the Torrance Fire Department (TFD) Promotional Ceremony held at the Toyota Meeting Hall. Torrance Fire Chief Martin Serna provided opening remarks.


The Toyota Meeting Hall was filled to capacity with family, friends and colleagues celebrating new employees and promotions. In the category of Fire Safety; six individuals were sworn in as fire fighters; four were promoted to Fire Engineer; six were promoted to Fire Captain and Robert Millea and Kevin Millikan were promoted to Assistant Fire Chief.


The ceremony was very touching as a Fire Academy video and a promotions video were shown, each illustrating the commitment to this profession.


Throughout the presentation, Chief Serna often referred to inspirational quotes to describe the integrity, flexibility, adaptability, dedication, self-sacrifice and mechanical aptitude of an individual working in the fire service.


I am truly honored to have been in attendance at this moving and heartwarming ceremony.

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