Quantas Airlines BizFed Los Angeles Business Federation LAX Tour Remodeling Renovations

During the Midfield Satellite Concourse tour, members of BizFed were invited to take a group photo at a Quantas Airlines hangar.


What a fascinating experience! As a member of the BizFed Board of Directors, I had the incredible opportunity to take an exclusive Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) behind the scene tour.


Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) is in the midst of a $14 billion Capital Improvement Program at LAX, projected to last through 2023. The LAX modernization program is considered the largest public works program in the history of the City of Los Angeles. Begun in 2009, the overall program is expected to create more than 121,000 annual construction-related jobs.


Our guided bus tour covered the new midfield satellite concourse which features 12 new aircraft gates, including many for aircraft like the Airbus 380 and the Boeing 747-8, which can carry 400-plus passengers. This new concourse project will also include new taxiways/taxi lanes and utility improvements.
The Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP) is a $5.5 billion program that will give airport guests choices that provide a first-class swift, convenient, and reliable way to access LAX. The program includes five major program elements: a 2.25-mile Automated People Mover that will connect three on-airport stations to Metro Rail and transit services – finally providing a seamless connection to public transportation; a consolidated rent-a-car center; two intermodal transportation facilities for additional parking, ground transportation services, and meter-greeter activities; and roadway improvements. Major elements of this program are to be delivered by 2023.


Throughout the tour I was so impressed by statistics and information provided by our tour guide. I appreciated learning that LAWA is looking forward to the future and affording great customer experience; that LAX is the second busiest airport in the United States; LAWA is working on the “stress” points for customers getting to the airport and that the airport sits on 3,500 acres.









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