I began visiting Chamber businesses almost three years ago to focus on ‘Out and About’ columns. In this time span, I have never been welcomed to a business like I was by AppleOne Employment Services.

Nayomi Stefanos, staffing consultant, enthusiastically welcomed me. As we walked up the stairs to the second floor, Stefanos advised me that they were going to do things a little differently than I am probably accustomed to on my visits.

As we reached the second level, I quickly found myself part of a team meeting, a ritual that is done each morning. Staff members sat in chairs forming a circle in the middle of the room. I was asked to begin by introducing myself, how long I have been at the Chamber and why I enjoy my job. I found this so intriguing as I felt like I was providing a Chamber 101 to each staff member of AppleOne. They were engaged, they took notes and they asked questions.

But what took place next was so inspiring. Each staff member was asked to state their name, their position, how long they had been with AppleOne and what they liked most about their job. Rachel, Tessieca, Sharon, Teresa, Ha, Nayomi, Milessa, and Gabriel’s stories were amazing. Each of them spoke about what ‘excellent customer service’ meant and that they wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. “Customer service is the common thread between each of us,” stated Rachel Moskowitz, Assistant Branch Manager.

As each member talked about their personal experiences, I quickly learned that the members of this team were so supportive of one another. Tessieca Davidson began her career with AppleOne in 2004 and is Assistant Branch Manager. “We play as a team and together we win,” she explained.

AppleOne was started in 1964 by Bernard Howroyd who often drops by and shares ‘pearls of wisdom’ with staff. AppleOne was driven by the realization that “no matter where people are from, no matter what language they speak, everyone deserves to be heard and respected.”

‘Hiring Made Human’ is the slogan and one true belief of AppleOne. “We are basically matchmakers. We evaluate a person’s skills, talents, goals, aspirations and then we pair them with a client,” commented Sharon Brooks, Senior Account Executive.

At the conclusion of the introductions, I felt very comfortable with each staff member. It was truly easy to see that customer service and making a difference in someone’s life is of the utmost importance. A fact sheet provided to me highlighted seven points of Hiring Made Human: a better way to hire, dedicated hiring advisors, only pay for results, quicker hiring, standards you can trust, five-year investment guarantee and exposure to the widest talent market. In reading this document, it is easy to see why AppleOne Employment Services has been named in the 2018 Forbes list of America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms.

The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce values the membership of AppleOne and wishes them continued success.

To learn more about AppleOne, visit them online HERE or call them at (310) 370-0708

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