Growing up, I vividly recall my coaches, journalism teacher and grandma encouraging me to surround myself with good people, people filled with passion and inspiration. Throughout my two-hour visit to Bluestem Hotel, I felt myself surrounded with individuals with extreme passion. Bluestem is Torrance’s first boutique hotel and those involved are eager to share their story.

“We wanted to bring something unique and cutting edge to Torrance. This is the city I grew up in. Torrance is experiencing growth in the high tech and medical fields and we are so happy to provide this new, exquisite boutique hotel,” stated Neera Chanani, CEO.

The journey began four years ago with the question, “What do we want to do?” Chanani has vast experience in the hospitality industry. By studying and visiting several soft brands, they chose to be part of Choice Hotels, Acsend Hotel line. Ascend hotels are woven into the culture and fabric of their communities, featuring art and amenities that put local flavor first.

Like the swaying, long grass that bears its name, Bluestem Hotel is firmly rooted in Southern California’s cool, coastal vibe and stands as a sanctuary in the South Bay. “When guests stay in our hotel, we want them to relax. We celebrate our lush surroundings with living walls and sustainable, adaptable spaces,” smiled Chanani.

There are two elements that encompass the overall branding of the hotel. The first is bluestem, which is a tall North American grass that has smooth bluish leaf sheaths and slender spikes borne in pairs of clusters. The other is the egret, which is a heron with white or buff plumage. Both the bluestem and the egret can be found at nearby Madrona Marsh.

“It was super important in the design phase that we studied the area and that vendors were locally sourced. We partnered with Jonathan Anderson who was passionate in introducing us to South Bay
artists. Additionally, it has been an amazing experience working with the City of Torrance,” commented Chanani.

As I toured the courtyard of Bluestem, I visually captured two beautiful fire pits and succulent wall hangings. What caught my eye the most, though, were organic wood stumps. These stumps were end tables but the craftsmanship was amazing. It was easy to see how guests enjoy staying at the Bluestem. There are gathering spaces throughout the hotel, including a modern lobby, relaxing courtyard, and new fitness center.

Inspired by the natural surroundings, each of the 58 guest rooms feature pops of sunny yellow and natural elements. The spacious rooms include luxurious king or queen beds, armoires, mini-fridges, and deluxe bathrooms. Geometric and mid-century modern furnishings keep things interesting. Local art and throw pillows round out the rooms.

As I concluded my visit at Bluestem, the passion of the leadership team, as well as each employee spilled over onto me. It was contagious! They are so proud to offer the first boutique hotel in Torrance. Bluestem is a true sanctuary in the South Bay, but even more important, are the dedicated people running it.

Thank you Bluestem Hotel for being a member of the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce. We truly wish you much success. Bluestem is located at 2448 Sepulveda, Torrance. Contact is 310-539-9888.

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