As a customer of Fastsigns, I know their products to be of the highest quality and the customer service of their employees to be outstanding.  Yet, I was not aware of so many things which make this business so extraordinary. Fastsigns, located on Hawthorne Blvd., is a small, veteran owned business.  The workroom at Fastsigns resembles a Home Depot.  And lastly, the employees genuinely care not only about providing exceptional customer service, but also giving back to their community.

Fastsigns, has been a member of the Torrance business community for 29 years. “We will be celebrating 30 years in Torrance in 2020,” exclaimed Stan Gray, owner. Gray served in the United States Navy Reserves as an architect with the civil engineering corps. “My biggest take away from the military was that everyone who volunteered with the same goal and the same mission may go about things differently but at the end of the day, everyone is on the same mission. Working with an organization that is on the same mission and everyone you work with is supporting one goal along the way, is very impactful.  This led me through the discovery process of Fastsigns. I worked on a lot of signage projects for architectural” commented Gray.

Fastsigns is a business which individuals use to tell their story or to get their message out. From signs and graphics, to exhibits and displays, to interactive and digital signage, to interior decor and point of purchase and promotional products, Fastsigns has the essentials to operate your business. I was provided a tour of Fastsigns in which I was introduced to the employees who were in the midst of finalizing a large job for a customer.  It was evident that their final product was very important to each of them and that time was of the essence, yet each one made me feel very welcome.   Stan paused and explained each piece of equipment throughout our tour.  I was in constant amazement and at the same time a little embarrassed.  I was not aware that Fastsigns did everything they did.  There were routers, saws, and very big pieces of equipment.  “One important aspect of our business is ADA and regulatory signs which provide messages and safety precautions to keep people informed and safe.  We also
create Braille signs for wheelchair accessible restrooms, emergency entrances and exits, directional signs, and no smoking,” explained Gray. In a corner of the workroom, I noticed a large neatly folded stack of City of Torrance Armed Forces Day banners.  “Printing the Armed Forces Day and Heroes banners really touched everyone here. It was especially moving when residents came out and spoke personally to our banner installers reminiscing about one of the heroes on a banner,” commented Gray.

From the moment I entered Fastsigns, to my departure, I felt so welcome.  Thank you, Fastsigns for being a 29 year member of the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce and thank you for being such a supportive community partner.

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