Owner and operator of Gaetano’s Restaurant, Vince Giuliano

As I walked under the beautiful manicured archway and through the patio of Gaetano’s Restaurant, I immediately smelled garlic and a wonderful aroma coming from the kitchen as I opened the front door of the restaurant. As I entered, I remembered why I enjoy dining at Gaetano’s Restaurant. The location is pristine, the staff is courteous and the atmosphere is inviting. And, the food is so good!

Warmly greeted by Vince Giuliano, owner and operator, I was invited to sit in a booth near a window. Always intrigued by the many photographs on the restaurant walls, I asked Vince to explain who were in the photos. Vince stated that every picture on the wall is a member of his family. He pointed out various pictures and explained who was portrayed and the importance of each one.

Vince’s family has played a significant role in his life. Vince’s father, Steven, grew up in his father’s deli, Giuliano’s in Gardena. “The passion my father had for Giuliano’s was endless. My mother grew up in an apartment complex owned by her father, where 90% of the tenants were family members. Her mother, Dotty, would cook wonderful Italian meals for the whole family.  She was an Italian grandma who would roll meatballs and stir marinara sauce while my aunts and uncles would help prepare a meal in a variety of ways. Everyone lived close together, so sharing a meal was never uncommon. My grandmother really knew food. In fact, many of her recipes are on our menu,” smiled Giuliano.

In 2010, Vince wanted to get an outside perspective on culinary arts, so he traveled to Italy to learn more about the craft. While going to school he became close friends with one of his teachers, Fabio Ugoletti. And from that relationship, Vince presented Fabio with an opportunity to come to California. With his family, a second restaurant, Bettolino Kitchen was opened in 2015.

“It is from my upbringing that I am inspired to come to work every day. I love being around people and bringing people together to enjoy each other’s company. My sister, Andreanna, brother-in-law Sean and myself will always remember our roots and our number one mission which is, to serve people quality food with extraordinary service,” commented Giuliano.

Gaetano’s Restaurant is also known to many in the South Bay for their extraordinary efforts and strides that are made in ‘giving back to the community’. Whether it is being a drop off location for Toys4Tots or a site to donate socks for the homeless, Gaetano’s truly is a small business that really cares for the community.

Thank you Gaetano’s for being a long time member of the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce. As you celebrate your 25th anniversary next Wednesday, we wish you continued success. Gaetano’s Restaurant is located at 2731 Pacific Coast Highway in Torrance, immediately next door to fellow TACC member, WineShoppe. 

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